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“We acquired one of the oldest and most valuable domains in the industry,, registered in 1995. It is currently the world’s most valuable premium Iranian domain name after Persian Rugs are one of the largest exports of Iran. These rugs have attained an elite status as the best in the world. Some private appraisal services have evaluated the domain alone to be worth over $500,000 dollars.”

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Iranian Father

My dearest unborn child,

Our world is a strange place, a place where tears and delights live near one another and wants and greed climb the wall of fortune and possessions; a place where we unsparingly love and break hearts for no reason at the same time; a place where elegance and odium are living together in conflict symbiosis and every day is the preface of something new.

Remember that you are the consequence of love and will join this reality, a reality that appears much different from your pure and innocent heart and soul, and you are condemned to forbearance, because that's the custom of life.

Today I will tell you about life and love, springs and falls which flow within the context. Today I will tell you all the things that I experienced and learned at once, because you are the most precious gem of my life.

Remember, love is the only infinite thing in the world. People fade, looks fade, but love never does. Go for everything you want and believe that there are no impossibles.

I hope these words of advice will help and guide you through life, regardless of my existence, and that you find them beneficial some day.



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by Yashar Zhalehdoust

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Paria Arabzadeh - Persian Model Photos

Paria Arabzadeh - The Hot Persian Model from UAE

dress size:8-10
UAE residence
lan:english-farsi-arabic-and little urdu

arabzadeh model

persian paria

Google Bomb – The Persian Gulf


(1) What is Google Bombing?

Google bombing refers to the practice of manipulating search engines to enhance ranking for specific terms.

It is done by creating and requesting a large number of back links for a specific web page. 
('backlinks' are incoming links to a website or web page)

The Persian Gulf & an intro to SEO

The Persian Gulf & an intro to SEO

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Engineering an Empire - The Persians

The Persian Empire was one of the most mysterious civilizations in the ancient world. Persia became an empire under the Cyrus the Great, who created a policy of religious and cultural tolerance that became the hallmark of Persian rule.

Persian Girls

Persian girls (or Iranian girls) refers to women of, or from, traditional Persian or modern Iranian culture.

Over recent years, persian girls and women in Iran, have achieved greatly in areas like education, political participation, and social mobilization, and have made great strides in terms of entering different fields of academia.