Funny Iranican Commercial for Census 2010 PSA with Maz Jobrani

Iranican teamed up with Maz Jobrani to create this multi-part Public Service Announcement.

Maz Jobrani, Azine Davoudzadeh, Ken Muse
Produced and Directed by: Borhan Oskoorouchi
Director of Photography: Kayvon Emady
Written By: Maz Jobrani & Borhan Oskoorouchi

If Christopher Columbus got married (in farsi, funny)

 اگر کریستوفر کلمبوس ازدواج کرده بود٬ ممکن بود هیچگاه قاره امریکا را کشف نکند٬

Omid Djalili Iranian Comedian

Omid Djalili Iranian Comedian in Jack Dee: Live at the Apollo

Persian Spiderwomen

Persian Spiderwomen.

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Farsi Jokes


    * A Farsi joke is a short story or ironic depiction of a situation communicated in the Farsi language with the intent of being hilarious.

Below you will find a few jokes in farsi both typed in english and farsi:

1: Tehrooniyeh zanesho bimeh omr mikoneh;
     ghazviniyeh bimeh badaneh;
     va rashtiyeh bimeh shakhseh sal-less.

Persian Spiderman

An Iranian guy influenced by the movie Spider Man.

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