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(1) What is Google Bombing?

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The Persian Gulf & an intro to SEO

The Persian Gulf & an intro to SEO

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A few important definitions that you need to know before you read:

It's Persian Gulf, not arabian - خلیج فارس برای همیشه

It's Persian Gulf, not arabian - خلیج فارس برای همیشه

This video was made for the purpose of protesting against all those who support the anglo-arabic outrageous fabrication of the history of a 7000 years-old nation and the world!  See video below >> Images Images:

Please feel free to share our photos with your friends and help promote our culture, our heritage and our pride!


persian gulf

Its called the Persian Gulf !

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Persian Gulf

The Persian Gulf, in the Middle East, is an extension of the Indian Ocean located south of Iran, between Iran and the Arabian Peninsula.

It is both historically and commonly known as the Persian Gulf, however, this body of water is sometimes controversially referred to as the Arabian Gulf by certain Arab countries or simply The Gulf, although neither of the latter two terms are recognized internationally or by the United Nations.