• A Persian joke is a short story or ironic depiction of a situation communicated in the Persian language (a.k.a farsi) with the intent of being funny.
  • These (farsi / iranian jokes) will normally have a punch line that will end the sentence to make it humorous. A Persian joke just like any joke can also be a single phrase or statement that employs sarcasm. Jokes are usually for the entertainment of friends and onlookers.

Below you will find persian/iranian jokes in farsi both typed in english and farsi. There are a few curse words and jokes about ethnic groups in some. But since jokes are an important part of our folk culture they need to be recorded and spread out at the same time. So just relax and enjoy >> Click here to see more Persian Jokes listed!

 Here are a few Persian Jokes in Farsi typed in English:

Persian Joke #1
Rashtiyeh bi gheyrat:
Zane rashtie be shoharesh goft: vaghti nisti in hamsayeyeh ghazvini mano mikone. Shoharesh mige: velesh kon baba. Een divunast, vaghti to ham nisti mano mikone!

Persian Joke #2
Ghazvini Joke:
Miduni too ghazvin chetori be mehmuna sham midan? Sandali michinand, vali be jaye miz sofre mindazand!

Persian Joke #3
Torkeh poozeh farsaro mizaneh:
Yeh farseh az ye torke miporseh: Khar, dadasheh toe? Torke mige: are dadash, harfie?

Persian Joke #4
X-rated Persian Joke:
Yeh rooz be ali daei migan: ba “vakilam” jomle besaz. Mige:
Yek luz chayi mikholdim likht ruye shalvalam, va kilam shukht.

Persian Joke #5
Bichareh Torka, esmeshoon bad dar raft:
Torke mireh carwash amma mashinesho nemibare. Behesh migan: Chera mashineto nayavordi? Mige: rah nazdik bud, piyade omadam.

Persian Joke #6
Estedlal beh een migan:
Torke 200 tomanish miofteh tu toilet. Ye 1000 tomanie digeh mindaze oon too. Bad dastesho mikone dareshoon miareh.
Azash miporsan: Chera inkaro kardi? Migeh: Mikhastam ke arzeshesho dashteh bashe!


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We have embedded one Persian joke directed by Majid Mahichi - Film 1. At the end of the clip you will see video links to other versions if you are interested to see more.

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