A few notes on Persian Cats, also referred to as Persian Kitty's in this article:

  1. The Persian Kitty (Persia: گربه ایرانی ) is one of the oldest breeds of cats. In Britain, it is called the Longhair or Persian Longhair.
  2. Longevity is usually between 10 and 19 years on average.
  3. Because their fur is too long and dense, Persian kitty's need regular grooming.

A Persian Kitty ,
has an extremely long thick coat, short legs and a wide head with the ears set far apart. They have large eyes, and a foreshortened muzzle which makes them have dust and debris cover the inside of their nostrils making breathing a bit more difficult.
Their eyes are often gooey, and the owner should clean their eyes at least once every day.

persian kitty
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