* A Farsi joke is a short story or ironic depiction of a situation communicated in the Farsi language with the intent of being hilarious.

Below you will find a few jokes in farsi both typed in english and farsi:

1: Tehrooniyeh zanesho bimeh omr mikoneh;
     ghazviniyeh bimeh badaneh;
     va rashtiyeh bimeh shakhseh sal-less.

2: Az bimari miporsan: chera ghorsato sareh vaght nemikhori?
    migeh, mikham microbharo ghafelgir konam!

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Jokes in Farsi are usually for the entertainment of friends and onlookers that speak the language Farsi. The desired response is generally laughter; when this does not happen the joke is said to have "fallen flat". Also be aware that some jokes lose their meaning during translation.

The farsi jokes will normally have a punch line that will end the sentence to make it humorous. A Farsi joke just like any joke can also be a single phrase or statement that employs sarcasm.